Frequently Asked Questions

“Bull It Yourself” is our “Do It Yourself” section. Here you can buy kits and convert your own device at low cost.

In our own conversions, the photos are generally placed behind the display glass. As a result, they appear extremely brilliant and are permanently protected. Bull-It-Yourself (BIY) photos, on the other hand, are applied to the display glass by you – similar to a display protection film. Both variants are basically produced in the same printing process. The BIY photo also receives a protective film, which protects the photo better against scratches, dust and UV light.

But compare for yourself, left: BIY photo on glass — right: photo behind glass.

Like-New: You can expect brilliant visuals here. Of course, these products are also second-hand devices – however, they have been treated with extreme care and show almost no signs of use.

Used Look: It is precisely the traces of use that we love about used-look products. They have experienced a lot and the traces tell about it.

My Device: Here we convert your own device. So you send it to us and after the conversion we send your device back home.

Special Edition: Only the most exceptional products are awarded this seal. They come from a special series, for example, or have special paintwork or other striking features. They may also show slight signs of use.

No. Since we generally assume that the products are defective or old, i.e. no longer usable, we dismantle them and feed the components that are no longer needed into the recycling circuit. We take particular care to remove the batteries from the units so that they can be disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner. Only with some Bull-It-Yourself kits, where you only make external changes, it is conceivable that the original function is retained.

You are welcome to crop your photo to the required format in advance, but it is not mandatory. We will always resize the photo to the required size and provide you with a cropping recommendation. We will then send you the photo for approval and will also be happy to adjust the crop again according to your wishes.