DIY tutorial: iPod becomes a magnet (free).


This is how you can convert your defective Apple iPod Shuffle into a magnet for  free  and with the simplest of tools.

(Level of difficulty: Easy)

With these instructions you can easily convert your old or defective 2nd or 4th generation Apple iPod Shuffle into a stylish magnet.

That’s what you need:
  • Apple iPod Shuffle 2nd or 4th generation
  • Double-sided adhesive tape
  • Magnet (round or square) that fits into the gap of the clip (see video) and is strong enough to hold your notes securely in place.
  • A thin foil that then serves as scratch protection (e.g. an old transparent cover). This means that your valuable surfaces on which you use the magnet (e.g. your refrigerator)  will not be scratched. It is also supposed to give the magnet a better “grip”.
  • If you don’t have all the “ingredients” at hand, you can also order  all the necessary parts as a ready-made kit here.
  • Don’t you want to do it yourself or don’t you have the right iPod? Then simply order a ready-made magnet here.

Note: If you do not want to worry about leaking or burst batteries in the future, you should remove the battery first. Im Internet findest du hierzu zahlreiche Anleitungen, daher gehen wir darauf nicht weiter ein. In the case of our fully converted magnets, we always remove the batteries and dispose of them in an environmentally friendly manner.

And this is how it works (see video):
  • Clean both sides of the clip carefully beforehand to remove dirt and grease residues.
  • Stick your magnet onto the double-sided tape and cut it out as accurately as possible.
  • Then stick the magnet on the inside of the clip cover. Since your finger probably won’t fit in the gap, just use a metal tool (e.g. a key) to fix the magnet on it. This will help you to insert it into the gap and then press it firmly in place.
  • Stick the cling film onto the double-sided tape. Make sure that you do not trap any air bubbles! Cut an approx. 5 x 7 cm piece of this “scratch protection film” and stick it on the side of the clip with the Apple logo. Now all you have to do is cut them off with scissors or a scalpel and your stylish magnet is ready!


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