Galaxy S22 Ultra10
Galaxy S22+10
Galaxy S2210
Galaxy S21 FE 5G10
Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G11
Galaxy S21+11
Galaxy S2110
Galaxy S20 FE 5G11
Galaxy S20 FE11
Galaxy S20 Ultra11
Galaxy S20+12
Galaxy S2011
Galaxy S10 Lite12
Galaxy S10 5G13
Galaxy S10e11
Galaxy S10+12
Galaxy S1012
Galaxy S9+10
Galaxy S910
Galaxy S8+12
Galaxy S811
Galaxy S7 Edge11
Galaxy S711
Galaxy S6 Edge+12
Galaxy S6 Edge11
Galaxy S611
Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G11
Galaxy Note20 5G11
Galaxy Note2011
Galaxy M53 5G*
Galaxy M52 5G11
Galaxy M5112
Galaxy M33 5G*
Galaxy M32*
Galaxy M31s12
Galaxy M3112
Galaxy M30s12
Galaxy M23 5G11
Galaxy M22*
Galaxy M2112
Galaxy M20*
Galaxy M1311
Galaxy M12*
Galaxy M1112
Galaxy A90 5G*
Galaxy A7211
Galaxy A7112
Galaxy A70*
Galaxy A53 5G11
Galaxy A52s 5G11
Galaxy A52 5G11
Galaxy A5112
Galaxy A50*
Galaxy A42 5G*
Galaxy A4111
Galaxy A40*
Galaxy A33 5G11
Galaxy A32 5G11
Galaxy A3111
Galaxy A30s*
Galaxy A23 5G11
Galaxy A22 5G13
Galaxy A22*
Galaxy A21s12
Galaxy A20s*
Galaxy A20e*
Galaxy A13 5G12
Galaxy A1312
Galaxy A12*
Galaxy A1012
Galaxy A04s12
Galaxy A03s12
Galaxy A0313
Galaxy A02s12

* Please determine the size manually and attention: If the flash on your case is covered by the phoneROPE, the use of the phoneROPE is not recommended.

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