The universal ROPE with large loop for an extra range of possibilities, in 12 bright colors from €13,50.


The exquisite ROPE with finger ring in anodised aluminium in 12 colors and 5 Special Editions from €15,50.

Stylish and multifunctional.

The phoneROPE is based on a loop construction, is extremely easy to assemble, secure and requires no gluing or other utilities. Simply attach it to your existing case using the 0.18 millimetre thin carrier ribbon.

The colorful polyester tubular ribbon has a natural self-elasticity, cannot wear out, is gentle on the skin and ensures a comfortable wearing feeling with optimal tension. The coat is made of either genuine leather or mottled felt.

The ribbon stopper allows you to adjust the tension of the hand loop according to your personal preferences. You can wear it on your hand or finger, fix it securely to other objects or hang it up.

The ribbon stopper, seam sleeve and finger ring are made of anodised aluminium, which means they are not only stylish and extremely lightweight, but also corrosion-resistant.

The phoneROPE is lovingly handcrafted and is extremely robust. It can withstand a tensile load of over 10Kg, which is 50 times the weight of a common smartphone.

Quality, Made in Germany!