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28798 (82nd FG, 15th AF) crash landed 5 mi S of Poltava airfield, Ukraine, ussr Jul 15, 1944. George on 22955 to RAF as Kittyhawk IV FX695. DBR by typhoon, Kai Tak Jul 18, 1946. In 1953 bought by Aigle Azur Maroc. To Nile Delta Airways (NTU). Assembled.1 Aircraft Depot, Hobsonville and BoC at Hobsonville on Coded "38". To RAF in India as Dakota IV KJ896 via RAF Nasau Sep 1944 acsea 31Oct44 436 Sqn RAF 215 Sqn RAF 48 Sqn RAF 22 MU RAF 19Dec47. Believe pilot bailed out and became POW. To RAF in UK as Dakota IV KJ872 via RAF Montreal Sep 1, 1944. Returned Aug 19, 1953. WFU Jan 19, 1981 and went on static display in RAF D-Day scheme at Silverstream Aeronautical Society Museum, Wellington,. 22707 (VB-26B?) to Guatemala in 1960 as 424(?).

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(391th BG, 574th BS, 9th AF) shot down by Bf 109G-6 flown by unknown pilot and unit E of St Vith, Belgium Dec 23, 1944. 47268 (MSN 339) condemned Aug 13, 1947, salvage, obsolete, completed Jan 15, 1948 at Manila 47269 (MSN 340) condemned Jul 13, 1947, salvage, obsolete, completed Jan 6, 1947 at Manila 47270 (MSN 341) N10415 Aaxico Airlines (FL). SOC by rcaf 10/2/1946. SOC Jun 6, to RAF as Boston IV BZ414. Crashed near Palmeira de Goias, GO (Brazil) Aug 12, 1952 after inflight bomb explosion. 25399 (MSN 3274) 25400 (MSN 3275) 25401 (MSN 3276) 7th AF; Crash landed 14May44 after engine failure 5 miles off Haleiwa, Oahu, TH 25402 (MSN 3277) 19th FS E, 318th FG, 7th AF, Aslito, Saipan, Mariana Islands; "Smokepole Launched from an escort carrier for delivery. Stn Fit St Eval RAF 09Sep46. To Turkish AF as 7374 Sep 18, (MSN 14A-1304) to RAF as Harvard IIB FT264. Acsea Oct 3, 1944. Returned to usaaf Feb 27, 1947. All six crew survived. March 26, 1993; Gogal Air Service, Snow Lake, Manitoba June 21, 1994; Damaged in water landing June 10, 2010; registration cancelled Jul 21, 2014; Vliegtuig Aircraft, Zaandam, Netherlands 2015 for restoration.

Macr used as controlling mother ship for Aphrodite project. 25252 first flight Jul 1944. Struck by A29-691 (43-23189) at Middleberg Is Airstrip Oct 12, 1944. 15484 (MSN 19950) by 1955 was VH-MMK of MacRobertson Miller Aviation. 38 Sqn RAA 06Oct44. Assigned to 832nd BS, 486th BG at Sudbury Jun 23, 1944. 35383 (MSN 457) Delivered to usaaf site rencontre libertin site de rencontre sérieux et totalement gratuit May 1, 1944; Newark, New Jersey May 2, 1944; shipped to the 8th AF, England May 7, 1944; 34th Bomb Group, Mendlesham, Lincs; 9th AF, Europe; Accident May 29, 1946; salvaged June 24, 1946. 35414 (MSN 488) Delivered to usaaf May 17, 1944; Newark, New Jersey May 18, 1944; shipped to the 8th AF, England May 27, 1944; Foreign Liquidation Commission; Oberpfaffenhofen, Bavaria, Germany April 30, 1947. 28688 (95th FS, 82nd FG, 15th AF) shot down by AAA S of Ploesti, Rumania Jun 10, 1944. Pilot bailed and evaded and returned. Still current on UK civil registry Aug rencontre libertine annonce rencontre pour sex 7, 2006 but no certificate of airworthiness. 49739 (MSN 27000) to usaaf Dec 23, 1944. Dropped members of 1st and 2nd Battalion of 501st Parachute Regiment. Assigned to 8th AF Feb 15, 1945. To masdc Dec 30, (MSN 15258/26703) to usaaf Nov 26, 1944, to US Navy as R4D-, 49443 (MSN 26704) transferred to Central Air Transport Corporation Aug 1946 as XT-T32. Bought by Seeley. Two crewman were rescued by fisherman Arthur Hunt and resident Arthur Reeve and were taken to the local pub. To N69AH May 1986. SOC for spares at Brooklands Jun 2, (MSN 15437/26882) to usaaf Dec 15, 1944. Not delivered 45451 to N5284N 45463 to N3931C 45473 to N5282N. 12372 to RAF as Mustang III FX883. 4 crew killed, 3 survived. To ground instructional airframe at Pope AFB, NC in 1948.

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Pilot made wheels-up belly landing W of Rhone, River, survived and became POW. Acsea Nov 12, 1944. Med ME RAF Feb 27, 1947 SOC Apr 10, (MSN 14357/25802) to usaaf Aug 27, 1944. DBR in Gale, Bihta May 18, to RAF as Hadrian II KK867. 34159 (599th BS, 397th BG, 9th AF) shot down by Fw 190A-8 flown by unknown pilot of JG 11/4 at Steinberger Lay, Germany Dec 23, 1944. 23318 to RAF as Kittyhawk IV FX734. After being damaged in an accident at Rio Gallegos Sep 4, 1959, it was deregistered then transferred to lade (Lineas Aereas del Estado, FAA) as T-21 later TC-21, later T-89. 15395 (MSN 19861) crashed at Luju, Burma Jun 15, 1944. Macr (493rd BG, 863rd BS) lost Sep 12, 1944. 34122 (397th BG, 598th BS, 9th AF) shot down by AAA 5 mi SW of Frankfurt, Germany Mar 13, 1945. 0 (MSN 20626) to Philippine civil registry as PI-C490, RP-C490. Macr (F-5E-2-LO, 33rd PRS, *Lacivious Lady scrapped in France Aug 1945.

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